Creating Business & Driving the strategy
Creating Business & Driving the strategy

Inbound & Warehousing

¿Have you wondered how hard is to establish in Mexico?


Understanding culture, Government policies, state regulations and security conditions is not an easy task, it's a task for a local consultancy and an implementation specialist.


Logistics Mexico is your best partner to land in Mexico.


If you plan to deliver your goods within Mexico or from Mexico as an strategic location, then we can help you.


We can be your partner for the next logistics activities:


- Advice about Mexican legislation and taxes about foreign products.

- Suggest the best way to move the goods from foreign country to the nearest port for the local location or market in Mexico.

- Customs clearance

- Define the best location within Mexico for crossdocking or warehousing.

- Plan the implementation of local distribution.

- Staffing support & recruitment

- Local representation for your customers.

- Implementation of warehousing operations (Layout definition, Goods receiving, Storing, picking, packing, shipping).

- Relabelling goods for Mexican regulations

- Arrange fleet and freight administration.




Logistics Mexico

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